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May you always have, Hurst, 11/1997

May you always have:

Enough happiness to keep you cheerful;

Enough trials to keep you strong;

Enough sorrow to keep you human;

Enough hope to keep you happy;

Enough failure to keep you humble;

Enough success to keep you eager;

Enough friends to give you comfort;

Enough faith in yourself to give you courage;

Enough wealth to meet your needs; and

Enough determination to make each day a good day.

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People I Trust And Do Business With

I make no guarantees for them except that they have served me well.

Attorney For Wills/Trusts

John Martin, Benedict & Martin
www.benedictmartin.com, (623) 274-0609

Concierge Services

Chelle Bullard, Buyin-Time
www.buyin-time.com, (602) 478-3369

General Legal Support

Shane Dyet, O’Connor & Campbell, P.C.
www.occlaw.com, (602) 241-7000

Graphic Design

Serious Imaging, Jerry Rodriquez,
www.seriousimaging.net, (408) 287-4242

Home/Business Maintenance/Construction Services

Use My Guy Services, John & Connie Bunyard
www.usemyguyservices.com, (480) 678-9403


Michael Linn, Jr.,
www.michaellinnjr.com, (508) 558-3500

Tax Accountant

Thom Holly, Thomas S. Holly CPA, PLLC
www.hollycpa.com (480) 945-0699

Web Design

Web Designs Your Way, Evelyn Wheeler
www.webdesignsyourway.net (480) 656-6059



Synthesis, LLC has two separate business entities – Wood Synthesis and Coaching Synthesis.
Synthesis, LLC, is a registered limited liability company in Arizona