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Lonnie is very fortunate to have two different businesses that he loves and is passionate about. Synthesis, LLC, Lonnie provides services and functional art to clients locally, nationally, and internationally. Synthesis, LLC’s Customer Satisfaction Promise is to provide services and products that meet or exceed the customer’s desires and expectations.  Lonnie’s customer satisfaction promise applies to the following services and products provided by Synthesis, LLC’s:

  • Production and sale of functional art produced by Lonnie in his workshops, and art projects developed jointly with other artists/crafts people;
  • Integral Coaching® services;
  • Business-consulting services; and
  • Team training, group coaching, and public speaking engagements.


For further information refer to the Coaching Synthesis and Wood Synthesis websites.

Synthesis, LLC has two separate business entities – Wood Synthesis and Coaching Synthesis.
Synthesis, LLC, is a registered limited liability company in Arizona